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Humidistat Operating Instructions

Many times we get calls for service and we find that the humdistat is on the incorrect setting. These instructions can help to eliminate unnecessary service calls. Print them out and put them near the humidistat for future use.

For printable instructions click here.

Humidistat Instructions

1.  When you go on vacation or leave for more than a few days, set humidistat to 70 and thermostat to cool and 74 degrees. This will not keep your house 74 degrees.  These settings will run the a/c system the minimum required to insure you will not have mildew growth. 

2.  When you are at home or wish to have your a/c system operate normally, set the humidistat to “on” and operate your thermostat normally.If you turn it to “off” your a/c system will not operate. 

3.  If you have any questions, just give us a call.