5 Reasons Why Your AC Smells Bad

ACs are lifesavers when it comes to getting you through the harshest weather conditions. When the temperature just won’t stop rising in the summer and when you need a warm and comfy room in the winter, AC is the one thing you turn to. Owing to the credibility of your AC, the last thing you would want is for it to start showing signs of failures and malfunctions.

However, your fear becomes reality and you find out that your AC is malfunctioning and abnormal. You walk into your room and you realize that your AC is giving out a pungent and strange odor.

You may find yourself asking numerous questions trying to sort out the reason for the cause. On top of that, a leaking or odorous AC can have a negative impact on your health. So, you have to act quickly and call in the experts to get it checked and repaired.

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Your AC may give out different types of odor and each smell has different outcomes and causes. Each smell has its criticality and solutions. Therefore, let’s continue to understand what the different types of smells are and how to fix them.

Types And Causes Of Different Odors

  • Rotten eggs

If your AC smells like rotten eggs then this is a potential sign of animals decomposing in your ductwork and because your AC is circulating the air to your entire house, the odor fills up the entire indoors making it unfavorable. . This shows that your ductwork and the vents require the most attention and the best option is to call in the experts as these actions require professional hands to execute.

  • Vehicle Exhaust smell

Even though most the ACs run on electricity there are still some ACs that run on gas. If you are using one of these ACs and encounter a situation where you start smelling this odor like the burning of gas, then open all your windows and clear the ventilators to avoid the accumulation of gas inside your room. The next important thing is to call gas experts or fire departments to avoid possible accidents from taking place.

  • Burning smell

A similar but differentiable smell to the vehicle exhaust odor is the burning smell. If you ever find yourself where your AC is giving out a burning smell then immediately turn off the entire unit and spot any possible spark or fire. If you don’t see any reaction on the outside, consider looking inside the AC by opening the closet for assurance.

The smell is an indication of your circuit board or the motor fan wearing out. Cases like these are critical thus calling in experts at the earliest is the right and safe option.

  • Moldy smell

The most common smell experienced by most of the ACS owners is the stale and musty smell. The common and usual cause of this smell is when the water is accumulated in the drain pipes or the ductwork.

There are more possible reasons for the cause and may also happen due to dirty filters. Dirt and moisture are accumulated in your filters when they are constantly used.

You may even notice leakage and dripping liquids down the wall. In such a case. Contact HVAC experts to solve the matter fast.

  • Electrical elements or components burning smell

Not usual but also not impossible, the smell of your AC is like the burning of electrical elements. If you notice any smell that your AC is giving out the smell like the burning of electrical elements then consider acting fast and right.

If the smell is mild and lasts for only some time, it could be the dust burning off, however, if the smell extends and exceeds 10-15 minutes, then turn off your entire unit and contact HVAC contractors. The smell is an indication of the circuit board or electrical components giving up or wearing out.

How Can You Get Rid Of These Smells?

  1. Check your air filters and change them if required.
  2. Consider cooking with a proper exhaust and ventilation system.
  3. If your AC unit supports other Air purifiers then consider installing them.
  4. Clean your AC well;
  5. Be sure to service your AC annually.
  6. Call on the right and beat HVAC Contractors.

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