7 Signs You Need A New AC

As a homeowner, it gets tough when you have to decide between repairing an old AC or replacing it with a new one. Although a new air conditioner may be a massive investment, there are also costs associated with repairing and operating an old, inefficient air conditioner.

So How Do You Know When To Get A New Air Conditioner?

Let us have a look at the 7 Common signs listed below that will help you make a decision:

1. Your AC Is Older Than 10 Years:

Generally, you can assume that an air conditioner can last for 10-12 years in good condition. However, if you need expensive repairs frequently and your air conditioner is more than 10+ years old, it is the best time to get a new AC installation in Ellenton.

2. You Noticed Your Air Conditioning System Is Inefficient:

If your air conditioner has a lower SEER rating, it may cost you a lot of money to run and operate it. Currently, the SEER rating of the new air conditioning system must be at least 14. If the SEER rating is below 14, you can cut back energy bills by performing a new AC installation in Sarasota.

3. You Are Facing Expensive Repair Costs:

Every time you face an expensive air conditioner repair, you need to balance the cost of the repairs and the cost of new AC installation in Sarasota. If AC maintenance in Sarasota, FL, covers most of the new system, especially if your air conditioner shows any other signs on this list, it may make more economic sense to replace it.

4. More Frequent AC Failures:

Does your air conditioner seem to be broken all the time? Do you call AC service experts every month to ask about new problems with your AC unit? These repair costs may rise, and it makes no sense to continue repairs on old AC. Investing in new AC saves energy and money.

5. Your Home Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Enough:

Is it difficult for you to keep your house cool? This one may be a sign of air conditioning aging or even the incorrect size of the AC system. Whatever the reason, you want your air conditioner to work! If your old AC unit is not going to keep your home cool, you need to replace it with a new cooling device that can do it.

6. Your Air Conditioner Uses R22 Freon:

This popular HCFC- 22 (R22) refrigerant can be added to your air conditioner as needed, but it is very costly. The cost of Freon, along with the cost of AC maintenance in Sarasota, FL, should help you make the right decision. If your air conditioner uses Freon, you may need to replace it to upgrade to the current R410A refrigerant.

7. Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed:

Higher electricity bills indicate that your air conditioner is either malfunctioning or dropping efficiency. However, if your electricity bills pass up and don’t come down, you would possibly want to begin searching for a new AC.

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