8 Common Types of Air Conditioner Noises: Causes & How to Fix

Did you ever wonder what the strange rattling noise from your air conditioner was? Unfortunately, we all experience random noises from an otherwise quiet unit. Air conditioners generally come with high-performance motors capable of dealing with almost all residential heating challenges. However, they are not entirely free of problems. You may experience mild to severe issues, some of which will put the unit out of service for the day.

Here are Some of the Most Common Sounds your Air Conditioner Makes that Indicate an Issue:


Squealing is one of the most common sounds from an air conditioner. A squealing noise is usually caused by the fan belt rubbing against the pulley that drives it and can be fixed by tightening up the loose belt. If the squeal continues after tightening the belt, check for any other loose parts on your unit before replacing the belt again.
A new belt should solve any squealing issues you experience with your AC unit. Sometimes, it’s caused by a worn-out bearing in the motor. If you have an older system, you may need to replace the fan belt and the pulley to stop the squealing noise.


A grinding noise usually occurs when there’s something caught between two gears, such as lint or dust particles in the blower wheel housing or around the motor shaft seal. To fix this problem, clean out any debris build-up and tighten loose screws on your unit to keep it from happening again.
You might also have a problem with one or more electrical connections between components in your system. Suppose you notice this problem and have an electrician look at it. In that case, he’ll probably find an issue somewhere in the wiring — such as loose connections or bad wires — and then fix those issues so that everything works properly again without any grinding noises from your system.


This is usually caused by the unit being too cold or too hot. If it’s too cold, the coils may have frost build up on them; if it’s too hot, there may be moisture in the lines causing them to expand and contract rapidly. This creates a popping sound as the coils move against each other and make a snapping sound when they snap back into place.
So first, check the drain valve at the bottom of your unit’s condensate line; make sure it isn’t blocked with lint or dirt. If it is blocked, clean it out with mild soap and water.


Whistling happens when air gets into the refrigerant lines and causes them to vibrate. This typically occurs because of improper installation or poor maintenance practices like leaving the drain valve open or failing to tighten fittings properly when making repairs. If your AC unit makes this kind of noise, check all fittings for leaks before taking further action because they’re usually easy fixes!


If your air conditioner clicks every few seconds or minutes rather than running constantly, there may be something wrong with your thermostat or timer settings. First, check your thermostat settings and ensure that you have not accidentally set it for auto-start instead of auto-run. Then, if everything is set correctly and the problem persists, you need to clean out any dust clogging up some of your internal components.


Booming is an air conditioner noise that can be described as a loud and constant thumping sound. The most common cause of booming is due to the compressor failing. Another possible cause of booming is poor airflow through the condenser coil. This can happen if the outside unit is dirty or if there is debris blocking the compressor from cooling. The fix for this problem is simple: clean or remove whatever is causing the problem.


If you hear rattling from the air conditioner, it could be due to several problems. Your first step should be to check the condenser unit for any loose screws or bolts that may be causing the noise. If that doesn’t work, you may need to check the ductwork for leaks or loose connections. If there is no obvious problem with either of these things, then you should call in an AC repair professional in Sarasota, FL, because something else may be wrong with your system.


A loose evaporator coil is the most common reason for this noise. This can be caused by a vibration or by something rubbing against it. If the coil is loose, it can cause the fan blade to rub against it. This will create a screeching sound as well as slow down the rotation of the fan blade. To fix this problem, you will need to tighten all screws on the coil and remove any obstructions causing friction between these parts.

How to Prevent an Air Conditioner from Making Noise?

To prevent an air conditioner from making noise, it is vital to maintain it properly with regular maintenance checks and tune-ups by an experienced HVAC technician. You should also ensure that all filters are clean, especially if installed for more than one year.

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