Air Conditioning Repair In Bradenton, FL

Air Conditioning Repair In Bradenton, Sarasota, Apollo Beach, FL and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Repair In Bradenton, FL

Sometimes, juggling between your chores and your job can make you neglect the surroundings in your home. Every house has an air conditioner, and every house uses it, which means there is a high probability of your machine malfunctioning or going bad due to age, unclean filters, and much more. Contact Us Today for Air Conditioning Repair In Bradenton, Sarasota, Apollo Beach, FL and Surrounding Areas.

There are certain signs that you must notice, which will tell you if your AC is asking for a repair. It is difficult to tell whether the AC needs a repair or maintenance. Oftentimes the signs from the piece of machinery are severe and you must not miss them.

Signs your AC needs a repair

What are the signs that your furnace needs a technician?

  • Increased Electricity Bill
    One of the biggest misconceptions with ACs is that they require more electricity as they age and may increase the electricity bill with time. A good AC will use the same amount of electricity on its 1000th day as it does on the 10th.
  • Bad odor
    Bad odour is one of the biggest problems in uncleaned ACs, especially if it has been neglected for months. The dust particles clog the filters inside the AC. These clogged filters encourage bacterial and germ growth which eventually turns to bad odour.
  • Unusual noises
    Anything with moving parts makes noise. A fully-functioning AC should make a low humming sound that cannot ideally be heard from afar. However, if you are able to hear the sound clearly or your AC is making abrupt noises, there is a chance that something inside it is broken and needs repair.
  • No cold air/too much cold air
    The filters inside the AC are responsible for giving your room a steady stream of cool air. However, if you notice too much or too little airflow, then there is a chance that the filters or freezing coils are having a problem.

    ACs are arguably one of the most important devices in everybody’s homes. It’s true that people can never ever imagine their winters without a heating furnace burning by the side. But, it is also important to comprehend the fact that the ACs are also prone to reduced efficiency with prolonged use and hence, require inspections and servicing every six to eight months.

    If you have noticed any of these symptoms in your system, it is time to call a professional HVAC service.

    Gator Air Conditioning has been providing its HVAC services since 1997. They have technicians that know their job very well, and they take pride in the technician they hire. This company ensures that your experience with them is enjoyable as they make sure a positive working environment and well-mannered technicians.

    They offer affordable prices, and they don’t charge anything extra than what’s written on the paper. Their technicians are licensed and go through screening to get hired.

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