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Bradenton HVAC Contractors: Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Tune-up Services in Bradenton, FL

With over 24 years of experience in the HVAC service industry Gator, Air Conditioning is one of Bradenton, FL’s most trusted and experienced HVAC contractors in Bradenton. Whether it is air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement, our technicians are more than qualified to handle any HVAC service with utmost ease.

Our promise of excellence and professionalism shines through our eminent staff and technicians. What differentiates us from other contractors is that we deliver on our promise.

When you avail services from Gator Air Conditioning, you also get guarantees on those services. If any service goes amok in the future, you can always claim your protection and schedule a free of cost servicing for the repairs or installations performed by us.

Following is a list of guarantees we offer throughout our range of services

  • AC Service Guarantee: we guarantee to get the servicing right with all its repairs and cleaning up the first time. If any aspect of our servicing fails to stand up, we will always fix the issue right away and, of course, free of cost. Our services are backed with for the next six months post-service making us a reliable air conditioning contractor Bradenton, FL.
  • No Breakdown Guarantee: Whether it’s simple routine maintenance or complex services such as a tune-up, ductwork, etc., any service we have performed will run smoothly for the next six months. If you find any anomalies with the servicing of your appliance’s performance post our tune-up, we will offer free of cost visits and repairs to get your appliance up and running in no time.
  • AC Installation Guarantee: We understand that Bradenton HVAC installations are expensive and take up precious time from our customer’s daily life. Therefore, to secure both their time and money, we also offer several guarantees on all our installations so that you can put all your trust in our services.

First off, you only pay the sum we agree on, even if installations require extra hours or parts.
Next, if you are unhappy with the installation even after a year, we offer a full refund of your payment. Besides that, we also added a $200 bonus to accommodate the inconvenience that faulty installations might have caused. Lastly, if you witness any aspect of the installation underperforming, we will get the issue fixed free of cost.

Our Services

Gator Air Conditioning has you covered throughout the year. Whether your furnace needs a repair or your air conditioner needs a replacement, our unique range of services is designed for all types of HVAC appliances.

Our services also extend to all residential, light commercial, and new construction set-ups; therefore, no matter your needs, you can rely on our finesse and experience whole-heartedly. Such guarantees make us one of the most trustworthy AC companies in Bradenton, fl.

To help you have better insight into our range of services, we have mentioned a few of our services below

  1. Air conditioning repair,
  2. Air conditioning maintenance,
  3. Air conditioning tune up,
  4. Air conditioning installation,
  5. Air conditioning replacement,
  6. Ductless and mini-split services in Bradenton FL

Get in touch with our executives for any HVAC-related queries. Our representatives will offer a unique and affordable solution tailored to your needs and your household’s heating and cooling requirements.