Zoning your home with Gator Air Conditioning

Have you begun the process of zoning your home? A temperature zoning system allows your home to achieve maximum comfort while saving on costs. Zoning your home need not be a painful process when you zone your home with us! Our technicians will walk you through the home zoning process, while providing you with design insights so that you get the best out of your ventilation system.

Things to consider when zoning your home:

Home HVAC zoning works best when done by a professional. A professional HVAC technician will look at a number of factors including, the architectural elements of your property and the amount of open space in your home.

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Six Tips When Designing Your Zoning System

  1. Do not combine different floors in the same zone.
  2. Never zone rooms of different construction types in the same zone, new additions should be zoned separately.
  3. Do not zone the rooms on the perimeter of the structure with the internally constructed rooms. External temperature fluctuations do not influence rooms that are almost entirely internal to the structure. As a result, all internal rooms should be grouped together.
  4. Thermostats should be located in the room used the most.
  5. Do not design rooms with conflicting solar or mechanically generated heat loads on the same zone.
  6. Always try to have at least two registers in a single zone.