Disadvantages Of Not Servicing Your HVAC Unit

The importance of HVAC maintenance in increasing your system’s life cannot be overstated. Neglecting maintenance reduces its performance and can lead to many other problems down the line. To avoid any problems with your HVAC unit you should have your HVAC serviced by HVAC contractor Venice FL at least once a year.

The Repercussions of Disregarding HVAC Maintenance:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system directly influences the interior air quality of your home. A system that isn’t correctly maintained won’t filter air as effectively as it should. The HVAC system can better filter the air before dispersing it around your home if the filter is clean. This is important if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, or respiratory illness.

  • Higher Cooling Expenses

An HVAC system that isn’t correctly maintained won’t cool your home efficiently. So consider using a programmable thermostat with your HVAC system to boost efficiency. With this in mind, it’s best to not to think of an AC repair Sarasota FL as an expensive expenditure. Instead, consider it an investment that will save you money throughout the season.

  • More Repairs and Replacements

Another disadvantage of having your HVAC running 24 hours a day to keep your home cool is the increased repair cost and, finally, replacement. You can improve your HVAC’s effectiveness and avoid unnecessary repairs by performing routine maintenance by professionals like HVAC contractor Venice FL. HVACs that are not adequately maintained frequently experience airflow issues. It’s pretty uncommon for an AC system to overheat and fail when this happens.

  • Increase Wear and Tear

It’s unusual for an electrical device to work as well as it did when it was initially purchased. An HVAC’s components deteriorate with time, lowering its efficiency. If you observe a significant decline in the efficiency of your HVAC system, it is vital to seek air conditioning maintenance.

  • Shorter Life Expectancy

Even if it has broken parts and has been subjected to wear and tear, an HVAC system will work its hardest to cool your home. It will run 24/7 to keep up with the temperature set by the thermostat. Its entire lifespan is shortened because it consumes too much energy. This is another important reason AC maintenance should be viewed as an investment rather than a costly expenditure.

  • Membership Programs for Maintenance can Assist!

For a reasonable annual fee, most HVAC providers offer a membership that includes a standard AC repair Sarasota FL, heater and AC inspection and tune-up, as well as a variety of other perks. Benefits vary by company, but most memberships provide guaranteed demand service and extended parts and labor warranty.

  • Repairs to HVAC systems are discounted.
  • Service on demand is guaranteed.
  • Parts and labor warranties are extended.
  • Purchases of new equipment are eligible for discounts.

To learn more about the repercussions of disregarding AC maintenance, call Gator Air Conditioning at 941-749-6000. You can also arrange your next HVAC maintenance appointment with one of our service specialists.