Does Shading Your Outside AC Unit Help?

As we enter the summer season, temperatures in Florida can get quite high, coupled with the humidity levels. It can make each day increasingly uncomfortable. Air conditioners come in as our sole respite from the never-ending infernal heat, but they have their limits too. As temperatures rise, so does AC consumption in each household, which equates to a rise in energy bills. So does shading your outdoor AC unit help? Yes, but not without conditions.

Understanding your Outdoor AC Unit

To understand how shading your outdoor unit can help you keep your energy bills in check, you will first need to understand how the unit works. An outdoor AC unit is designed to draw in air from the atmosphere, cool it down, send it into your house, and move hot and humid air from within your rooms to the outdoors. During one of the AC maintenance services in Sarasota FL available, you may consult the technicians about your appliance’s condition and energy efficiency.

When temperatures near your outdoor unit remain high, it can get tough for your appliance to propel hot air out into the atmosphere. This is where shading the outdoor unit comes in handy. Even a slight decrease in temperatures around the unit can help facilitate better propulsion of hot air, and at the same time, the unit itself is also saved from the direct heat of the sunlight.

Important Points to Remember while Shading your Outdoor Unit

When providing shade to your outdoor air conditioning unit, you have to do it the right way; otherwise, you may end up with more air conditioning problems than solutions. To begin with, if you can, you must install the outdoor unit on the northern side of your house. Winds from the north will always help keep the temperature around your outdoor appliance relatively lower.

You can install protective structures around or over your unit to shade it from direct sunlight. However, the best, most efficient way to offer shade to your appliance would be to have natural covering such as tall trees with thick foliage and covering shrubs and bushes around them. Natural cover not only shades the appliance but also maintains a fresh stream of air, which helps get rid of excess moisture from around the unit.

Problems to look out for a while Shading your Outdoor Unit

While shading can benefit your air conditioning system’s efficiency and performance, it can also compromise its functioning if not done properly. You must also consult a professional HVAC company for an air conditioning service. Trained technicians can help you understand more about your appliance and which measures you can benefit from. They are also the best fit to install said measure without causing any adverse effects on your appliance.

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