Here Is How You Can Stay Cool With A Broken Air Conditioner

The worst nightmare for an air conditioner owner is that their system stops working during a hot day. If you are one such unfortunate owner whose air conditioner breaks down, don’t worry.

First things first, contact your technician for an AC repair schedule in Sarasota, FL, to repair your system fast. Here are some quick ways in which you can maintain the cool temperature in your home without an air conditioner:

Windows and Curtains

The first step of cooling your home is preventing the heat. One source from where warmth enters your home is through your glass windows. The sunlight that comes into your home warms the indoor air, increasing the temperature.

Heat-Generating Appliances

You may not know this about heat-generating appliances, but using certain appliances also increases the indoor temperature. Try not to use your kitchen appliances like toasters and ovens when your air conditioner is not working as they generate a lot of heat.

Moreover, please do not use your electrical appliances like laptops and television for long hours until your air conditioner starts working again. Small appliances like lamps also give out heat, but it is not as much as big ones.


Did you know certain fabrics retain heat more than others? If you avoid using heat-retaining fabrics, you can make yourself more comfortable without your air conditioner.

The first thing you should know is to change your bedsheets, remove the fleece from them, and keep your comforter away for the time being. Use fabrics like bamboo and cotton as they do not retain much heat. Also, wear light clothes to not sweat much without your air conditioner.


Some may prefer a messy room over an organized one, but you need to keep your priorities right. As AC service in Sarasota, FL, recommends that a cluttered room traps more heat than an organized room due to unwanted objects causing congestion.

Electric Fan

After you put up the blinds, shut off the heat-generating appliances, change your bedsheets, and organize your place, you can rest with your electric fan. Since your air conditioner needs professional attention, an electric fan is the only appliance that will protect you from the heat.

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