How Do You Fix a Noisy Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are an essential part of life for many people. But unfortunately, the ability to cool your home or office is a luxury many take for granted. Today, when you’re planning AC installation in Bradenton, most of the models on the market are virtually silent when they’re running. But, after some time, it’s possible your air conditioner will start making noises in the middle of the summer.

If your unit is making a lot of noise, it might be a sign of a severe problem. However, some noises are fairly simple to fix on your own.

Here are Some Tips that can Help you to Save Your Time as Well as Money by Fixing Your Noisy Air Conditioner on Your Own.

Tip #1- Clean the Coils

It’s essential to clean the coils of your central air conditioner regularly to keep them free from dirt, dust, and other particles. When dirt builds up on the coils, it causes friction, making noise when the fan turns. Cleaning the coils will reduce this friction and stop making noise.

Tip #2- Check your Compressor

If you hear a knocking inside your unit, it could mean something is wrong with your compressor. In addition, compressors can get damaged if they run too long without being allowed to cool down between cycles of use, so check to make sure yours isn’t running too long before turning off or lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat.

Tip #3- Tighten Screws and Bolts

The housing or cabinet of your air conditioner may have loose screws or bolts that need to be tightened. Check all of these and any other loose parts inside the cabinet. If there are any missing screws or bolts, replace them with ones that are of similar size and strength so that they do not snap off under pressure.

Tip #4- Check Fan Blades for Damage

If you hear a rattling sound when the AC turns on, it’s probably caused by loose fan blades. This can happen if they’re not balanced correctly or if they’ve been damaged by age or impact. If you have the tools, you can tighten the screws that hold the blades in place, but this might not be enough to stop them from rattling. In that case, you’ll need to replace the entire blade assembly with a new one from your local hardware store.

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