How Do You Service Your Outside A/C Units?

If you want your air conditioning to work efficiently, it should be able to transfer heat from inside your home, absorb it, and release that heat outside. A coat of dirt, dust, and other blockages on the AC coils are the primary reasons.

All of this can be prevented by insulating the air conditioner’s coils from the surrounding air and reducing the effectiveness of the heat transfer process. Like every electrical equipment, when you keep your air conditioning unit in proper form and stay in good condition to run, it tends to last longer and require fewer repairs, and significant issues do not creep up on you.

Some Steps to Follow to Make Sure that your A/C’s Outside Unit Remains in Good Condition are:

  • Shutting Off Power: Before working on any electrical device, this is the most important step as it can prove dangerous to work on a piece of live equipment.
  • Removing Dirt: Remove the exterior compressor and the fan cage. Then with the help of a screwdriver, remove the fasteners. Following this, you will be able to lift the pen away and remove it from the top of the unit. Then you should clean all the visible leaves, dirt, debris, and any other kind of blockage.
  • Cleaning the Fins: Remove the outer covers to remove all the dirt on the outside. Then, use a gentle spray to clean the fins from both inside and outside to remove any dirt or debris that might be stuck in between the wings. It would be best if you never used anything that will put pressure on the fins as it can damage them.
  • Cleaning the Unit: When you finish cleaning, put back the fan cage. Move leaves and dirt away from the condenser, further cut back branches or any other kind of vegetation in all directions to ensure a proper flow of air around the unit.
  • Leveling the Unit: After cleaning the unit, you need to check if the condenser is placed at a proper level.
  • Power it Back On: After all the cleaning is done, remember to power your A/C back on.

These steps will ensure that your A/C remains in good working condition, but some things are out of our control and require a proper HVAC technician’s expertise.

The primary purpose of an outdoor unit is to release heat from the refrigerant absorbed from your indoor air.

A condenser fan helps blow air over the outdoor coils to release heat energy to the air. But unfortunately, if your outdoor unit itself is clogged, the air flowing in is impeded. Thus your refrigerant will take a much longer time to release the heat. Causing the power of your air conditioner’s cooling power to be compromised. You can even find an air conditioning service near me to get your AC serviced.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s outside unit is one of the many tasks required to maintain your system’s energy efficiency and keep it in excellent working condition. If you are looking for the best AC company near me, contact Gator Air Conditioning. We have highly-trained and certified technicians who diagnose the problems related to your air conditioner. For booking our service, call us at (941) 749-6000 or (813) 409-3878.