How Long Do Air Conditioners Last? 6 Signs You Need a Replacement!

Are you wondering how long your AC system has until you need to replace it? Air conditioner systems are machines, and one day you need to toss them out and bring in a new one. But when?

Gator Air Conditioning Technicians will tell you what you should know about air conditioning replacement in Ellenton.

What is the Expected Life of the Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning systems are designed to work for around 10-15 years. Old technology systems worked for more than 15 years, however, the decrease in the AC system life expectancy is due to climate change. Global warming causes an increase in the season’s temperature everywhere.
The temperature rise has made humans more dependent on HVAC systems to provide comfort from harsh and brutal weather. The HVAC system’s longevity depends on the hours it works in a building or home. Long working hours gradually decrease the efficiency and effectiveness, and after 12-15 years, people switch to new AC technology.

Is There Any Way to Increase the Life Expectancy of the AC System?

There are ways you can increase the warranty and life period of the AC system but remember, replacement is inevitable. You have to be prepared to find a suitable system for HVAC replacement in Ellenton.

The vital thing to grasp is the working life of AC systems directly depends on the hours it works and accurately it gets maintenance services. It is not easy to spend summers without an AC system, but it is beneficial to use it at minimum temperature. Several methods are there to increase the comfort and coolness in the premise. It is suggested not to set the thermostat at extreme temperature as it increases the system workload.
Also, maintenance services boost the AC system and keep the system in a better state. It removes the accumulated dust and issues that affect the system working and increases the workload.

How to Understand Whether the AC System Needs Replacement or Repair Service?

It is simple to tell, and you will know when you will feel that it is time for air conditioning replacement in Ellenton. The AC system will give you hints that are your cue that you should start looking for a new system.

Here are Some Clues to Start From:

  • The AC system is inefficient to suffice your household’s cooling needs.
  • The system’s compressor takes time to start, and it takes more time to cool your room.
  • No maintenance service can reduce the loud sounds it makes while working.
  • You have to call the HVAC repair services frequently to resolve the motor breakdown and other issues.
  • The AC takes up more energy resources, but the services are not according to the high bills you receive in the end.
  • There is hardly any AC technology that still uses freon as a refrigerant. So, if the AC refrigeration process depends on freon gas, you might need to replace it.

AC systems hold around 12% of the total energy bills and if the AC system is not scheduled for timely maintenance services, it can increase the expenses up to 15%! It can also lead to an early HVAC replacement in Ellenton.

Eliminate all these situations by calling the Gator Air Conditioning for Services in Ellenton today, and sleep in peace without any worries.