How Many Hours Should AC Run Per Day?

Air conditioning allows us to experience summers comfortably. It is the refrigeration process cycle that helps in removing the heat from the interiors. When the heat is discarded outside, cool air takes place in the interior environment.
It is a cycle that keeps on moving until the temperature is reached. When the AC cycles stop working, the process starts again when the room temperature drops from the thermostat’s temperature.

You must be wondering what the refrigeration cycle duration is? Air Conditioning service technicians in Ellenton are here with their knowledge and expertise on HVAC system matters.

How Long is an AC System Refrigeration Cycle?

An air conditioning system takes around 10-20 minutes to cool the room up to the desired temperature. The compressor compresses the air, and it goes to the evaporator. It travels to the expansion device and then to the condenser from the evaporator. After returning to its original state, the cycle begins again as the processed air returns to the compressor.

There should be 2-3 cycles in an hour performed by a perfectly working air conditioning unit. If you notice that the cycle duration is longer or shorter than expected, or the cycling does not stop, contact an air conditioning repair team in Ellenton to sort the problem out.

What Can be the Issues Causing the Cycling Problem?

According to the air conditioning repair technician in Ellenton, the possible reasons are:

  1. Clogged and dirty air filter.
  2. Frozen evaporator coils.
  3. Using massive weightage AC according to your residence space.
  4. Leakage in the refrigerant valve.
  5. Electrical issues.
  6. Weaken duct system insulation.
  7. Improper thermostat celebration or thermostat malfunctioning.

Essential Factors that Influence the AC Running Time in Your Household!

It is unreasonable to keep the AC running all day because the temperature and weather outside are unbearable. It is efficient to switch on the AC for 30-40 minutes, and when the room is cool enough, switch it off.
The period for keeping the AC on is different and depends on some factors.

The Factors are as Follows:

Air Conditioning System Technology

Different air conditioning takes their own time to take the heat down and fill the void with cool air. There are central AC, window or split AC, and portable AC systems in the market. Each of them should work for 8 hours, 12 hours, and 16 hours respectively, all day to provide efficient services.

System's Size

An AC system’s size plays an integral role in deciding how long you should keep the AC functioning. According to the housing space, one should buy an AC of the proper size and weight. Smaller AC units need to work for long periods as their capacity is small to cool a massive area.

Air Conditioner SEER Power

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings help decide and predict the output and working performance. Technicians advise their customers to purchase an AC unit with a SEER rating of more than 13 in the current scenario.

Other factors like regional climate and duct system insulation also contribute in deciding the AC function and duration. If your AC is struggling with inappropriate cycling issues or anything other issues, call Gator Air Conditioning for Service in Ellenton today for a quick check at reasonable rates.