How Often Do I Need An AC Unit Tune Up?

We rarely think about our air conditioner until the temperature outside starts to rise or the system fails. We have all heard of or experienced AC systems failing when you need them the most. This problem can be avoided by arranging an AC tune-up regularly. We will tell you a few more reasons why an air conditioning tune-up and service in Bradenton, FL is essential to your unit’s longevity.

Indications That Your AC Might Require a Tune-Up

Strange Noises

Noise is the most common symptom that an air conditioner needs to be serviced. The machine starts screeching loudly as the components work harder to chill the house. The noise would be minimal if the device were working properly. If the system is making strange noises, then there might be some issue in the system. The strange noise is frequently caused by the system not working properly as it is working harder to compensate for the lack of performance.

Performance Issues

AC systems take a bit longer to maintain ideal temperatures during the warmest seasons of the year or if you own a large house. Suppose the difference in cooling time is significant enough for the homeowner to notice, then the AC unit might require a tune-up.

Increase in Utility Bills

When performance declines, then expenses rise. High utility costs are frequently an indication that your air conditioner has a problem. The device might be consuming more power to compensate for the problem that caused it to fail. It takes longer to cool your house, implying that it is operating at the same or higher power output for an extended time. If your power bills are abnormally higher, there is a possibility that your air conditioner is working harder than usual, which suggests it’s time for a tune-up.

Things to Keep in Mind While Having an AC Tune-Up

What is the Lifespan of Your Unit?

It’s the standard rule that air conditioner tune-ups should be conducted once a year. However, if you have an older unit, it is recommended to undergo a tune-up twice a year. The older the unit, the more attention and care it will require to ensure that it will last you through the summer.

Maintain a Record of Previous Tune-Ups

Maintain a record of when your air conditioner was last serviced. This will assist you in determining when to contact your local HVAC firm. If you are a new homeowner or have recently purchased a new unit that has never been serviced, a tune-up is recommended around the beginning of March to ensure that everything is working well in time for summer.

The Necessity of Maintenance

Air conditioner tune-up is similar to having an annual checkup at the doctor. An AC expert can inspect the device, ensuring that all of the parts are in working condition and marking anything that needs additional attention. Most specialists will repair the problem during your tune-up, depending on the nature of the issue. A well-functioning unit is an efficient unit that can help you save money and avoid future breakdowns. Your unit might be working twice as hard to cool your home and wasting more of your hard-earned money without realizing it.

Our HVAC specialist will guarantee that your unit delivers value for your money. Contact Gator Air Conditioning for quality air conditioning tune-up in Bradenton, FL and air conditioning services in Bradenton, FL.