How To Know If Your Heat Pump Has A Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in a heat pump is one of its most crucial components that help maintain an optimum temperature in your home during cold weather. For a well-performing heat pump, the refrigerant should remain intact during operation. Nevertheless, a refrigerant leak is a common issue that homeowners face with their heat pumps. However, sometimes a refrigerant leak can go undetected until the system stops heating altogether. In such cases, your last resort is scheduling heat pump repair in Sarasota.

To help you avoid such an emergency, here are four signs that your heat pump might have a refrigerant leak.

Your Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

If your heat pump is short cycling, it might be a sign for you to check the refrigerant level. A leaking refrigerant might cause the system’s erratic functioning to go ‘on’ and ‘off frequently’.

Ideally, a heat pump has to undergo a cycle to heat your home. Therefore, its erratic operation is abnormal and a cause of concern. We recommend that you schedule heating repair in Sarasota as soon as you encounter such a situation.

Ice Buildup On The Evaporator Coil

Your heat pump’s evaporator coil can develop icing on its surface if there is a refrigerant leak. The freezing, in turn, depletes the capacity of your unit to absorb heat. Scraping the ice off the coil’s surface would remove the ice. However, it will just be a short-term solution. In such cases, it is best to call your HVAC technician to schedule heat pump repair in Sarasota.

Increased Indoor Humidity

In case of a refrigerant leak, you might experience noticeably high humidity in your home. This can be explained by your heat pump’s inability to dehumidify the air effectively. Excessively high humidity can give rise to problems like condensation. Therefore, you should schedule heating repair in Sarasota as soon as you detect high humidity in your home.

Decreased Efficiency Of The Heating System

A refrigerant leak puts a lot of stress on the components of your heating system, particularly the compressor. The undue pressure on the compressor can hamper the overall functioning of your heat pump. Moreover, a high workload often leads to more energy consumption. Therefore, if your energy bills are exorbitant, a refrigerant leak might be the culprit. We recommend that you contact an HVAC service for heating repair in Sarasota.

We hope you now have some clarity about detecting a refrigerant leak before it’s too late. Proper maintenance and tune up of your heat pump are essential to avoid refrigerant leaks. However, when your system develops a refrigerant leak, it’s always a smart decision to schedule professional heat pump repair in Sarasota.

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