How To Sense A Frozen AC

Air conditioners are designed to cool your house during the summer season. But if your AC is freezing and not producing proper air, it can be an issue. When the refrigerant inside your air cooling device drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, moisture starts getting collected on the evaporator coil, resulting in freezing.

The coil encased in ice adversely affects the air cooling capacity. This complication is not something you can locate during your AC installation, Bradenton. It can occur with a sudden fluctuation in the temperature. Hence, it would help to keep yourself aware of the signals your device shows during this trouble.

Signs Of A Frozen AC


Here are the indications you should be getting if your air conditioner is frozen:

  • Check the air flowing outwards from the supply outlets. Getting the warmth in the air is a possible sign of the evaporator coil being frozen.
  • Switch off the equipment and open the outer lid of the AC. Using the manual, try opening the access panel to the evaporator. If you see the ice in that panel, it is evident that your unit is being frozen.
  • Inspect the copper coils inside the panel. In some cases, they also freeze.
  • If any internal part of the unit is frozen, you will notice some leak in the AC. This is because the additional condensation in the AC will not be drained effectively.
  • Check the area near the equipment to locate any susceptible water presence. If you found any, call the technician for AC repair Bradenton FL.

Reasons Behind a Frozen Air Conditioner


Although there is no such method to avoid this freezing in the air conditioner, here are some reasons for this complication. Avoiding them can minimize the probabilities of AC freezing.

  • Clogged-Up Filters: AC filters are the most vulnerable elements of the unit when it comes to clogging. Restricted warm airflow to the coils suffocates the processor, entailing an ice-covered coil.
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils: If the coils are layered with dirt and dust from the surroundings, the airflow gets highly restricted, repeating the same exhaustion process.
  • Refrigerant Leak: Dropped refrigerant levels can be the reason for the frozen unit. It locks the moisture surrounding the coil.
  • Problems with Other Parts: A weak blower, collapsed duct, or closed valve might be responsible for your ice problem.

Procedure to be Followed

When you know your system is being iced, you should also know how to get the AC out of this mess. Here are the steps to defrost the same.

  • Turn off the Equipment: Running your AC in such a condition will only bring further damage to the device. It will wear out the compressor, ultimately ending you up for an AC installation Bradenton.
  • Turn the Thermostat Fan On: Switching on the thermostat will blow warm air into the system, and that would help thaw the ice on any internal part.
  • Inform the Service Provider: After your equipment is dried out completely, you will notice some damaged parts in the system. Place some towels to cover the area and call your AC service provider for AC repair Bradenton FL.

When you have the issue of a frozen AC, your unit needs professional help in the least time possible. You should contact Gator Air Conditioning for immediate, superior quality assistance at an affordable price. Contact us today at 941-749-6000 to learn more.