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Manatee / Sarasota: (941) 749-6000
Southern Hillsborough: (813) 409-3878
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Manatee / Sarasota County:
(941) 749-6000
Hillsborough County:
(813) 409-3878
Se habla español
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AC Troubleshooting Checklist

There are times that we are called out for an Air Conditioning Repair for a system that is not working properly or not at all that turned out to be a simple fix. That if the homeowner had known what to look for could have fixed.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Checklist:

  • Filter: First step is to check your air conditioners filter. A clogged or blocked filter will not only reduce the amount of cool air entering your home but can cause your system to stop working altogether. Plus, the constricted airflow causes strain on your system and could cause a breakdown or system failure.

  • Thermostat: Your thermostat should be set to ‘cool' and set 3-5 degrees below the current room temperate. Although it's tempting don't turn the thermostat lower than that to start it or it could cause additional issues.

  • Double Check Service Switches: They should be in the ‘ON' position.

  • Circuit Breakers: Look for tripped breakers and reset if needed. If it trips again, call Gator for AC service right away.

  • Vents: Check your vents. They should be open and have space between them to allow airflow. Furniture should not block them.

  • Check Air from Vents: Is there air blowing, is it cool or warm?

  • Check Air from Outdoor Vents: Is it blowing warm or hot air from the fan?

  • Check Outdoor Unit: Your system needs at least 15 inches of clearance for proper airflow. Remove landscaping and clear away any debris.

Don't Wait, Call Now (or Click Here Schedule) to Avoid Damage to Your System if:

  • There is Fluid or Water Leaking From the Unit
  • There is A Build-Up of Ice On the Unit
  • The System is Louder Than Normal or Sounds Different
  • When Your System Starts Up, it Takes a Long Time, or You Notice Your Lights Dim
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Manatee / Sarasota: (941) 749-6000
Southern Hillsborough: (813) 409-3878
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Emergency Service 24/7/365
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