What Are The Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

Soaring temperatures call for increased usage of air conditioners. In this case, dealing with a broken air conditioner can be frustrating. Listed below are some common air conditioner problems to help you understand if it is time to call an air conditioning company for repair service or to get a new one.

Common Problems With Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is ultimately a product, which can face various problems. You may be currently experiencing one of these problems:

  • My Air Conditioner does not turn on

If your tripped circuit breaker is not the problem in this situation then, your air conditioning system’s thermostat may be affected. Drained-out batteries can stop the thermostat from functioning. In that case, change your batteries. In case of loose wirings in the thermostat, call a trustworthy HVAC repair service.

  • My Air Conditioner leaks water

A leaking air conditioner shows signs of either a dirty condensate tray or dirty air filters. The trapped dirt can affect the air conditioning system’s evaporator coils. Due to this, the excess water does not drain outside but rather can leak indoors. It is best to consult an air conditioning repair service to diagnose a damaged evaporator coil. The same problem may occur outdoors because of improper installation, dirty air filters, and an unclean condensate tray.

  • My refrigerant is leaking

The refrigerant in the air conditioning system is responsible for cooling. If leakage is detected, it is necessary to turn off the device immediately. Do this to save your compressor and the environment. Fixing this leak is extremely important and should be done by calling an experienced HVAC repair service.

  • The Air Conditioner is not cooling the room!

An air conditioner that does not cool the room or heats it more is not serving its purpose. This malfunction may happen due to several reasons:

  • The air filter is not clean.
  • Low refrigerant levels.
  • Broken blower motor.
  • A tripped circuit.

Non-professionals may be able to mend some of these problems. But you can consider contacting an expert to service your air conditioning system as a whole.

  • The compressor has failed

The compressor is not only an important but also an expensive part of the air conditioning system. Its damage may be because of continuous usage of the air conditioner or constantly switching it on and off. A damaged compressor can result in:

  • Improper cooling unit.
  • Shrieking sounds from the air conditioner.
  • Water leakage (outdoors).
  • Circuit trips.
  • Damaged air conditioner fan.

A failed compressor ultimately affects your air conditioner. It is, therefore, necessary to get your unit checked regularly by an HVAC repair service.

The list above mentions some of the problems you may face as an air conditioning system owner. To avoid these problems, make sure that your air conditioner is serviced regularly by a professional air conditioning repair service. Your air conditioners require nothing less than the touch of experts, and we, at Gator Air Conditioning, ensure your air conditioning system is serviced by the best.