What Should You Check After AC Installation?

Summers can be a hassle if you do not have an accurately working cooling system for your home. Getting an AC installation in Bradenton involved several essential steps. It includes choosing the correct air conditioning device for your space, locating a clean spot for keeping the outdoor unit, and getting the installation done by a specialist technician.

So if you are planning to get an air conditioner installed by an expert technician, here are some factors you must check before and after an air conditioner installation.

Indoor Installation Placement

In Bradenton, HVAC installation is the most vital aspect as it can hinder the cooling to a significant extent. You don’t want to put the HVAC device somewhere where it will not cool your place or where it will cool so much that you feel uneasy. Therefore, before and after AC installation, it is important to inspect the indoor installation location so that you never face any issues in the long run.

Wall Strength

An air conditioner indoor unit is quite bulky, so it must get installed on a wall that can effortlessly take its weight. Also, it should have a smooth finish so that the wall remains intact and there is no damage after the installation is complete.

Outdoor Installation Placement

Just like the indoor unit, the outdoor installation should also be done in an appropriate location. The significant thing to consider while installing the outdoor unit is that it should be placed on level ground so that it can operate smoothly. Also, there should be no blockage in the front of the outdoor unit as it can affect its performance.

The Tilt Angle of the Indoor Unit

After installation, it is also important to check the tilt angle of the indoor unit. If it is not installed at the right angle, then it can cause water leakage. So make sure that the technician installs it at the correct angle so that you do not face any issues related to water leakage in the future.


After an AC installation in Bradenton, it is essential to leave some space around the outdoor unit so that it can operate without any difficulty. The minimum spacing required all around the outdoor unit is two feet. If there is less space than that, then it can affect the performance of the device, and you might face some problems.

By following these steps, you can be sure that your AC will work efficiently for a long time. Because of these factors, we highly recommend you contact one of our professionals for AC installation. You can count on us to install your AC correctly the first time! We also offer AC repair and maintenance services. Call our experts at Gator Air Conditioning at 941-749-6000.