Why Does Your Air Conditioner Keep Running After You Turn It Off?

If your air conditioning unit continues to run after turning it off, the primary reason could be a damaged thermostat wire. However, a constantly running air conditioning system could also be due to the device’s configurations. Although changing the thermostat settings may look like an obvious fix, it is more likely that you will need to call a Venice AC service professional to evaluate and repair the problem.

Why does the Air Conditioner keep Running After you Turn it Off?

Below are some reasons your air conditioning device keeps operating after turning it off.

A Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat becomes defective or stops working entirely, your air conditioner may become stuck in the on position. While it is usually not an expensive fix, it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible before more significant damage occurs.

Defective Limit Control Switch

If your thermostat is in perfect working order, there’s a chance that you have a defective limit control switch. This component is tasked with shutting off your furnace once it reaches a certain temperature. So, if this switch is faulty, your air conditioner will continue to run even after you’ve turned it off because it thinks the temperature inside is still too hot.

Outside Heat

In some cases, heat from outside can cause your air conditioner to run even when it’s turned off. This is especially true if your unit isn’t properly insulated. The heat seeps in and causes the coils inside the AC to get cold, which signals the thermostat to turn back on.
Additionally, if you leave your blinds open throughout a summer day, especially during the highest temperatures, the sun will shine into your home, raising the temperature causing the AC unit to turn on to cool your place. Keeping your window shades closed during the day will help in energy conservation and combat high summer electricity bills.
Likewise, your air conditioner may be operating after turning it off because it cannot bring your home to the desired temperature. You can’t do much in this situation because you can’t change the weather. However, it could indicate that your home’s AC unit isn’t big enough to accommodate your needs.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring usually relates to issues with your thermostat. While your thermostat might appear to remain turned on, the power cord could still be causing issues with your AC unit. Hence if you have any problems with your wiring, you should consult our professionals because this can be challenging and possibly hazardous for homeowners to repair themselves.

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